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Gotabgaa DC

Gotabgaa Washington DC Inc, is a tax exempt organization incorporated in the State of Maryland; founded by its members to unite, educate and empower its members and the community. Its members are in search of the means of making a difference collectively to individuals’ lives and the community at large.

Our goal is to join hands with those who are in need and offer assistance ; partner with those who are able to help others as they share their resources and their valuable time; and collaborate with each other thereby bringing the people together as we strengthen our community.

Organization Structure

The leadership structure comprises of dedicated men, women and the youth. Directing, leading and advising the organization is a Council of Elders made up of retired Ambassadors, retired Kenyan Embassy Officials, Church Leaders, Educators, Men and Women of priceless wisdom and skills. Under them is a brigade of vibrant, zestful, committed officials and departmental heads who are determined to do all it takes to ensure the organizations vision comes to fruition.

Gotabgaa’s Mission Statement

“To unite, educate and empower its members and the Kenyan community at large both in the Diaspora and at home.”

Mission Objectives

  • Promote unity among our people through community activities aimed at rejuvenating and strengthening the spirit of collectivism, providing connectivity and awareness thereby fostering the social and economic growth of the community.
  • Provide a forum through which its members living in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and other adjoining States can meet and discuss ways to grow socially and economically.
  • Partner with other organizations to facilitate collaborative projects and community-based solutions to address socio-economic issues facing our members.
  • Identify opportunities for those who are in need and connect them to those opportunities.
  • Provide guidance to new members in the region by channeling them towards resources that are relevant to their societal integrations.
  • Promote understanding, cooperation, love, and harmony among its members.
  • Promote responsible living by educating its members of the greed of the corporate world.
  • Sensitize the community about the need to strictly adhere to the laws of the land
  • Liaison with the Kenyan embassy and other organizations, if necessary, for the realizations of the group\u2019s objectives.
  • Foster the spirit of living peacefully with one another, mutual respect and love for one another, and being there for each other.
  • Ensure that our culture and heritage is passed on to our young generation.